In July 2017 Citycon established an EMTN ("Euro Medium Term Note") programme that enables raising bond financing in any currency on the European and Nordic capital markets. In June 2021 Citycon updated the terms of its Euro Medium Term Note programme by increasing the size to EUR 2.5 billion. The original EMTN Programme was established by Citycon Treasury B.V., and any notes issued under the Programme issued by Citycon Treasury B.V. benefit from a guarantee by Citycon Oyj. Following the recent update of the Programme, both Citycon Oyj and Citycon Treasury B.V can act as an issuer of the notes issued under the Programme, otherwise the terms remain unchanged. The Programme is updated on a yearly basis and the last update was approved by the Central Bank of Ireland on June 24th 2021. 

Prospectus for the EMTN programme can be found from here.

Type Programme size Outstanding amount Currency Tenor Listing Arranger Dealers
Senior unsecured bond EUR 2,500 million

EUR 300 million, due 22 Sep  2025

NOK 1,000 million, due 15 Jan  2027

NOK 800 million, due 24 Nov 2023

EUR 350 million, due 12 Mar 2028

Any Over one year Irish Stock Exchange or can in the case of bonds
issued in NOK also be listed on Oslo Børs

Danske Bank
Deutsche Bank
OP Corporate Bank