Members of the Board of Directors

TheAnnual  General Meeting on 22 March 2021 set   the number of Board members at ten(10). Members of the Board of Directors  are:

  Position Nationality Year of birth
Chaim Katzman Chairman Israel and United States 1949
Ariella Zochovitzky Deputy Chairman Israel 1957
Judah Angster Member United States 1982
Arnold de Haan Member Netherlands 1954
Zvi Gordon Member Israel and United States 1985
Alexandre (Sandy) Koifman Member France and Switzerland 1953
David Lukes Member United States 1970
Andrea Orlandi* Member Italy 1971
Per-Anders Ovin Member Sweden 1956
Ofer Stark Member Israel and United States 1972

* Mr Orlandi elected to resign from the Board as of 26 April 2021.

Please see the introduction of the Board of Directors

All Board members are independent of the company. Furthermore, Judah Angster, Arnold de Haan, Alexandre (Sandy) Koifman, David Lukes,  Per-Anders Ovin and Ariella Zochovitzky are independent of significant shareholders. Chaim Katzman, Zvi Gordon and Ofer Stark are not regarded as being independent of significant shareholders due to their  employ or  service  of Citycon’s main shareholder, Gazit-Globe Ltd. or its affiliated companies.

Chaim Katzman is the Chairman of the Board of Directors with Ariella Zochovitzky serving as Deputy Chairman.

Board members' share ownership