Citycon’s shareholders exercise their rights of decision at the General Meeting, which constitutes the company's highest decision-making body.

According to the Articles of Association, Citycon’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually within six (6) months of the expiration of the financial period. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is convened whenever deemed necessary for decision-making or when required by law.

The Annual General Meeting decides upon the matters stipulated in the Finnish Companies Act and the Articles of Association. A shareholder is entitled to demand a matter for discussion at the Annual General Meeting, if such matter falls under the competence of a General Meeting according to the Finnish Companies Act and if (s)he demands it by giving notice to the company by e-mail at or by mail addressed to Citycon Oyj, Legal/AGM, Piispansilta 9A, 02230 Espoo, Finland by 31 January in the respective year.

Citycon publishes the notice of a General Meeting, including a proposal for the meeting’s agenda, the documents to be presented to the General Meeting and the resolution proposals by the Board of Directors, no later than three weeks prior to the meeting.

Each shareholder, who is registered in the company’s shareholders’ register before the General Meeting and preregistered for the meeting by following the procedure stipulated in the notice of the General Meeting, has the right to participate in the General Meeting.

At a General Meeting, every shareholder has the right to present questions on the items on the agenda of the General Meeting. The question to be presented at the meeting can also be submitted to the company in advance by sending an e-mail at or by mail addressed to Citycon Oyj, Legal/AGM,  Piispansilta 9A, 02230 Espoo, Finland.