Solsiden Senter in Trondheim’s Nedre Elvehavn is a popular meeting place in the scenic surroundings at the mouth of the Nidelven River.
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Beddingen 10
7014 Trondheim

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  • Mon-Fri
  • Sat
Rental income by category
Rental income by category
Fashion and Accessories, 48 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 21 %
Wellness, 7 %
Cafés and restaurants, 6 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 5 %
Groceries, 5 %
Services and offices, 5 %
Specialty Stores, 3 %

Examples of premises at Shopping Centre Solsiden

retail premise 5,5 m² 2nd floor
retail premise 26,0 m² 2nd floor
retail premise 1002,0 m² 3rd floor

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The buildings formerly comprised a shipyard, built in gorgeous brick, with a lot of windows, and are surrounded by new homes, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums and not least many offices that bring a high number of daily commuters to the area.

Solsiden is known for its fantastic location at the heart of Trondheim, and for being a bright and appealing centre. The centre has a large parking garage which makes Solsiden an attractive centre also for people who do not live nearby. There is much life and energy at Solsiden all year. The concert stage outside in the summer and an ice rink in the winter attracts people from all over Trondheim.

Andrea Liven
Andrea Liven
Specialty Leasing Manager
+47 934 58 451
Jonas Eriksson
Jonas Eriksson
Leasing Manager
+47 922 16 439
Centre management
Jonas Braad
Jonas Braad
Centre Manager
+45 69 21 34

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