Citycon aims to operate actively and interactively with its stakeholders and wishes to learn about stakeholders' values and interests as well as their expectations towards the company.
A good working relationship between Citycon and its stakeholders:

  • increases transparency
  • promotes the fulfilment of objectives
  • consolidates mutual understanding
  • acts as a shared learning process.

According to Citycon's definition, stakeholders include parties that are or may be significantly affected by Citycon's operations and that may affect the fulfilment of Citycon's objectives.

Citycon's stakeholders are:

  • consumers
  • tenants
  • co-operation partners (service providers, suppliers, contractors)
  • shareholders, lenders and analysts
  • employees
  • authorities and local communities
  • media
  • industry associations and NGOs

In property (re)development projects, co-operation partners, authorities and local communities represent project-type stakeholders.
The channels of interaction between Citycon and its stakeholder groups include an extensive stakeholder group study, annual and interim reports, stock exchange and press releases, presentation material, general meetings, the company website, the portal service, customer satisfaction surveys, events at shopping centres, market research, consumer surveys, press conferences and informal discussions.
Other forms of stakeholder engagement include appearances by company representatives in various events, meetings with media representatives, road shows, local co-operation, informal everyday interaction, participation in the work of industry associations, as well as employee performance reviews and personnel satisfaction surveys.