Sustainability management

Citycon’s approach to sustainability management is governed by the company’s strategy, goals and sustainability strategy. The objectives and measures specified in the sustainability strategy have been integrated into day-to-day operations and ordinary practices in shopping centre management and property development. Our day-to-day sustainability management consists of:

  • Observing environmental responsibility in all functions and anticipating future amendments to legislation.
  • Continuously developing steering, management and reporting of sustainability practices. Sharing best practices.
  • Expecting partners to operate in a way that supports the fulfilment of Citycon’s sustainability goals.
  • Guiding personnel towards sustainability issues through target-setting, training and internal communications.
  • Acting ethically and responsibly by following our Code of Conduct and making a good faith effort to have our business partners adhering to the Code or similar high ethical standards.

Our approach to managing our social impacts culminates in HR management and the promotion of ethical principles and good administrative practices throughout the value chain. The HR strategy and shared HR processes provide support and guidance for leadership. The performance management process plays a key role in driving our retail experts to deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders and the communities we are present in.