Purpose of management approach

Build a great employer experience. Provide employees with possibilities to grow as professionals and a healthy, safe and respectful work environment for all.

Policies and commitments

Several policies and guidelines in place to commit our management and employees to act as One:

  • HR Strategy
  • Employee Equality Plan
  • Occupational Health and Safety Action Plan
  • Performance Management process CODE
  • Different policies to support employees’ capability and ability to work, including rehabilitation and early intervention plans.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Company values

We also see our One Citycon Cooperation Group and local health and safety committees as a commitment to the cooperation with our employees.

Targets and actions

Main results 2020 are presented in the Sustainability Accounts on page 7. Citycon´s long term main objectives are presented on p. 8 in the Sustainability Accounts and Citycon's full sustainability strategy is available online at https://www.citycon.com/sustainability/sustainability-strategy.

Responsibilities and resources

The HR Director is responsible for ensuring that the HR processes and plans are implemented in all Citycon countries by the HR Team, in cooperation with management.

Evaluation of management approaches

We collect information from the employees annually with an employee survey to evaluate the effectiveness and results of this management approach. The results are reviewed, and actions plans are taken to improve them. Possible changes to the approach are made. We also perform various analyses to review that employees are treated fairly and equally.