Citycon can have an impact on the prevention and reduction of emissions through the management and development of its shopping centres. The best ways of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the sector are to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, to reduce energy consumption and to increase the use of renewable energy sources in the properties’ energy production and procurement.

Drivers of Sustainability

Citycon has made a strategic choice to pursue sustainable development. As a result of climate change and it's consequences, stricter regulation is expected in legislation on energy and emissions as well as taxation, and material costs are also expected to increase. Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and both tenants and investors expect action in these matters. Furthermore, Citycon's strategic choices have been guided by the keen interest expressed by different stakeholder groups and their demands for operational transparency. Employees' appreciation concerning environmental, health and safety issues is growing. The main motivations for promoting sustainable development include cost-efficiency and competetive advantage.

More information in our Annual Report 2016