CITYCON OYJ Corporate Press Release 7 March 2022

Head of Investment p Citycon

On March 7, Carl Johansson Angmo joined Citycon as the new Head of Investment. Carl has a background in transactions, valuations and analysis and has been Deputy Head of Transactions at the housing company Hembla, now Victoriahem.

Citycon is undergoing a strategic transformation from being the owner of shopping centres in the Nordic region to a real estate company that combines retail with housing, offices and municipal services.

''I have worked with transactions for many years, and I was attracted by the transformational journey Citycon has embarked on and the great opportunities it presents," said Carl Johansson Angmo.

As Head of Investment, he will focus on analysis, evaluation and execution of both acquisitions and divestments within Citycon. A current example is the acquisition of a residential property in Barkarbystaden, in between Citycon's existing assets in Kista and Jakobsberg, which was recently announced. In parallel, the company sold two trading locations in Norway.

''This is a concrete example of how we can allocate capital to implement our strategy of developing our locations in the long term by adding other types of properties – something that will also benefit our existing centres. This is exactly what my department, and Carl, will be working on going forward," said Erik Lennhammar, Chief Development and Investment Officer at Citycon.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Lennhammar, Chief Development Officer

Telephone +46 70 344 5013

Citycon is the leading owner, developer and manager of multipurpose urban centres. Our centres in key urban areas combine retail, office premises and housing with well-functioning traffic connections. We are committed to sustainable property maintenance, and the total value of the property portfolio in the Nordic Countries managed by Citycon is approximately EUR 4.5 billion. Our centres offer daily consumer goods, health care services as well as other services to meet the daily needs of our customers.

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