CITYCON OYJ Corporate Press Release 6 July 2021 at 10.00 hrs

The supply of grocery stores at Iso Omena will continue to be strong in the coming years, as Kesko and HOK-Elanto have entered into long-term extension agreements with Iso Omena. Iso Omena’s comprehensive grocery offering was also reflected in last year’s result, as Iso Omena became the largest shopping centre in Espoo and the second largest in the whole country in terms of sales. 

The grocery store offering at Iso Omena continues to be excellent, with the shopping centre including stores of all the largest grocery trade operators in Finland: K-Citymarket, Lidl and Prisma. In addition, the shopping centre houses a compact K-Market store and an Alko store. The grocery trade accounts for almost a third, or 27 per cent, of Iso Omena’s gross leasable area of more than 100,000 square metres.

“The lease agreements now signed with HOK-Elanto and Kesko strengthen Iso Omena’s position as the number one shopping centre in Espoo and prove that our strategy of focusing on grocery-anchored centres is solid – even in exceptional circumstances. Thanks to the strong grocery trade, Iso Omena performed better than average during the pandemic and rose to second place in the country last year in terms of sales,” says Jussi Vyyryläinen, Vice President, Leasing at Citycon.

K-Citymarket and Prisma (Maxi-Market in 2001–2004) have been operating in the Iso Omena shopping centre since its establishment in 2001. In addition to the strong grocery store offering, Iso Omena has a total of more than 220 stores, more than 50 restaurants and cafés, as well as a diverse selection of commercial and public services, such as a service point of the City of Espoo, a health centre and a public library.

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Jussi Vyyryläinen, Vice President, Leasing

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Citycon is the leading owner, developer and manager of multipurpose urban centres. Our centres in key urban areas combine retail, office premises and housing with well-functioning traffic connections. We are committed to sustainable property maintenance, and the total value of the property portfolio in the Nordic Countries managed by Citycon is approximately EUR 4.4 billion. Our centres offer daily consumer goods, health care services as well as other services to meet the daily needs of our customers.           

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