Citycon is actively working to promote and offer sustainable alternatives for its customers. Second-hand fashion can be found at Citycon centres across Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Estonia. Citycon also encourages sustainability actions of its tenants with the annual Citycon’s Sustainability Award.

The growing consumer consciousness about the environmental impact of fashion has increased the popularity of second-hand shopping. For more and more people, buying second-hand clothes is a contribution to circular economy, as the business model entails that the lifetime of the clothes is extended. The increasing number of second-hand fashion players furthermore suggests a growing desire to lead a sustainable lifestyle and discover treasures which you don’t easily find elsewhere.

Citycon is proud to collaborate with several tenants that provide second-hand fashion to consumers. Second-hand fashion is present at Citycon centres across the Nordics and Estonia, among which Citycon also hands out annually Citycon’s Sustainability Award for a tenant, service provider, or organization that through its actions has excelled in promoting sustainability in Citycon’s centres. In 2021, the award was handed to Reuse, Environment and Work Training Center (OMA) in Norway for their work with recycled goods.

Second-hand fashion from Norway all the way to Estonia

Several Citycon centres all around the Nordics and Estonia offer customers the chance to find second-hand treasures and hidden gems. In Finland, for example, second-hand fashion can be found in stores like Vestis or Little Copenhagen at Iso Omena, whereas in Myyrmanni, consumers can visit for instance UFF and Kidia. It will not take long for consumers looking for a more sustainable alternative to discover that the stores sell not only fashion for adults, but also quality clothing for children.

Likewise in Norway, friends of second-hand fashion can visit places like Norwegian Red Cross in Kremmertorget, or OMA in Kolbotn Torg. In Sweden, stores like Emaus and Stadsmissionen offer second-hand clothes at Liljeholmen, and in Estonia, re-use centres are present both in Kriistine and Rocca al Mare.