Together with the science center INSPIRIA, Storbyen offers its visitors the opportunity to visit special premises to interact with exhibitions exploring science and technology. The collaboration gives the science center an opportunity to engage and inspire children and young people at the heart of Sarpsborg.

In the spring of 2021, Storbyen Shopping Center in Sarpsborg opened a space in collaboration with the nearby science center INSPIRIA. The space offers visitors the opportunity to engage free of charge with selected interactive exhibitions from INSPIRIA at Grålum. The exhibitions were developed to engage and inspire especially young people.

The premises at Storbyen give INSPIRIA a unique opportunity to connect directly with the local community. The science center had been looking for premises that could reach people in the heart of Sarpsborg, and the collaboration with Storbyen offered both a new and innovative way to engage with people. The easy access from the city center of Sarpsborg made the location ideal for a new and different way to meet with people.

The new attraction has been very well received by people in Sarpsborg.

“We are very happy to have INSPIRIA at Storbyen. INSPIRIA gives us something unique, which you rarely experience in shopping centers in Norway. Children and young people find a lot of joy from the new concept, and we are happy to contribute to engagement and learning among the young people”, says center manager Daniella Mossberg.

The center offers various activities during the week. The exhibition items are designed to motivate children, young people, and adults to fall in love with science and technology with having them interact with the items. The premises also includes a small shop that sells selected items from the shop INSPIRIA has in Grålum. There are also dedicated evenings to special guests at code clubs, homework evenings, and more.