Many of us have a pretty full book shelf at the living room. Some books will be read again after some years, but not all.


 The shopping centre IsoKarhu holds a book recycling event on April 13-14. The idea is literally to recycle customers´ old books. One can bring one´s own books to the event and pick the new ones at the same time.


 IsoKarhu starts to collect the old books already on Monday, April 8. Books can be left then at the recycling point , which is at the second floor lobby of the shopping centre. All sorts of clean and undamaged books will do.


 The book recycling event itself is a recycled idea. It was originally developed at the Citycon owned shopping centre Torikeskus in Seinäjoki. The event has been arranged in Seinäjoki already twice and the it has been a success both times. Several thousands of books have found new owners.


 Citycon, that owns also IsoKarhu decided to recycle the great idea and launch it in Pori as well.


 -A good book can be read many times and by many people. I hope that many will participate and we´ll manage to recycle lots of books, says Isokarhu´s Shopping Centre Manager Tero Kormano.


 For further information, please contact: The Shopping Centre manager Tero Kormano, tel: +358 400 532 104


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