The esteemed Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has rated Citycon to the Green Stars leadership level in 2012. Last year Citycon was already above average in its peer group, but this is the first time Citycon is a “Green Star”.


 In order for a company or fund to reach the Green Stars level, it must show integrated organizational approach towards measurement and management of environmental key performance indicators, steering on reduction of resource consumption and innovation in measures beyond energy efficiency.


 Citycon has for years systematically developed sustainability management and the measurement systems for set targets. A special emphasis area in management has been daily operational support in sustainability issues. – In 2012 we have meticulously executed energy saving actions and spread these successful practices within the company, states Citycon’s Vice President in Sustainability Kirsi Borg. – We have focused on engaging personnel towards the common goals and I feel that Citycon indeed has a sustainability oriented culture, continues Borg.


 Citycon’s CEO Marcel Kokkeel sees Citycon’s placing in the survey as very significant. – Sustainability is integrated as a part of our company’s operations through strategic targets. Our persistent work is bearing fruit and it is rewarding to see that this is also appreciated internationally, Kokkeel highlights.


 GRESB is a global survey of property funds and real estate companies disclosing information on environmental management and performance. The survey evaluates the environmental operations of property funds and real estate companies in relation to their management, policy and disclosure, environmental management systems, risks and opportunities, performance indicators, building certifications, social factors as well as new development. The data in the 2012 survey represents almost 450 property companies and funds, providing aggregate information for 36,000 properties, representing over EUR 1,000 billion in global assets under management.


 Additional information:


 Marcel Kokkeel, CEO

 Tel. +358 40 154 6760


 Kirsi Borg, Vice President, Sustainability

 Tel. +358 40 557 6526


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