On 2 February 2011, the Finnish Energy Efficiency agreement system complemented with the programme for Real Estate. This is a tool allowing owners of real estate to participate in reaching the national energy efficiency goals.


 Right from the start, 15 major owners of commercial and public properties took part of the agreement, with Citycon being one of them. The programme was developed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI), and Motiva in co operation with several major players in the sector.


 ‘The EnergyEfficiency agreement scheme is directly linked to EU level and the Energy Services Directive, which sets a 9 per cent energy savings goal for all Member States. Finland’s targets for energy savings when converted into energy terms is 17.8 TWh, and we must show that we have met this goal through energy-saving actions by 2016,’ describes Heikki Väisänen, Senior Inspector at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.


 Joint energy effort of owners, tenants, and maintenance services


 Upon joining the programme, a company will report the energy consumption of its real estate and its goal for savings during the agreement period. Participants in the agreement are encouraged to use new technology and procedures. Organisations that have joined the programme, will be able to receive government subsidies to help finance their initial investments in preparing their energy plans. 


 ‘We are forerunners in the industry and wish to be involved in the programme. It will support the extensive environmental programme already in use at Citycon as part of the company’s strategy. This offers us the chance to compare the efficiency of our energy use to that of other companies in the industry. Entering into the programme also enables us to communicate the importance of environmental issues and our commitment with our stakeholder groups,’ says Citycon Vice President, Sustainability Kirsi Borg.

 Further information: Kirsi Borg, Vice President, Sustainability, tel: +358 40 557 6526