Citycon Oyj (“Citycon” or the “Company”) and CPP Investment Board European Holdings S.àr.l (“CPPIBEH”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (an investment management organisation investing the funds of the Canada Pension Plan), have on 12 May 2014 entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) on an overall arrangement whereby Citycon would strengthen its balance sheet by raising approximately EUR 400 million of new capital and CPPIBEH would become a significant strategic shareholder in Citycon. The proposed arrangement consists of a directed share issue of approximately EUR 206.4 million to CPPIBEH (the “Directed Share Issue”) as well as a subsequent fully underwritten rights issue of approximately EUR 196.5 million (the “Rights Issue”) pursuant to the pre-emptive subscription right of the Company’s shareholders (together the “Transaction”). The Transaction is conditional on the granting of necessary authorisations and election of new Board members by an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of Citycon. The Company’s two largest shareholders, Gazit-Globe Ltd. (“Gazit”) and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company (“Ilmarinen”), have undertaken to support the granting of such authorisations at the EGM.


 The new shares to be issued to CPPIBEH in the Directed Share Issue would represent approximately 15.0 per cent of the shares and voting rights in the Company after the Directed Share Issue. The new shares to be issued in the Rights Issue would represent approximately 12.5 per cent of the shares and voting rights in the Company after the Directed Share Issue and the Rights Issue, assuming that the Rights Issue is subscribed in full. The subscription price would be the same in both the Directed Share Issue and the Rights Issue, i.e. EUR 2.65 per share. The subscription price has been agreed in negotiations between CPPIBEH and the Company and the Company believes that it represents a fair price in light of other equity issues in the real estate sector in Europe in the past and reflects the historical average trading prices of the Company over the last six (6) months. The subscription price is approximately 2.2 per cent lower than the closing price of the Company’s share on 12 May 2014 and approximately 1.7 per cent higher than the dividend adjusted volume-weighted average trading price of the Company’s share on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. during the preceding three (3) months.


 Gazit and CPPIBEH together with Ilmarinen have undertaken, subject to certain conditions, to subscribe to their respective pro rata entitlement of the new shares to be issued in the Rights Issue. After the Directed Share Issue, Gazit would own approximately 41.9 per cent and Ilmarinen approximately 7.6 per cent of the shares and voting rights in the Company. Thus, the subscription undertakings by CPPIBEH, Gazit and Ilmarinen represent in the aggregate approximately 64.5 per cent of the maximum number of new shares to be issued in the Rights Issue. In addition, Gazit and CPPIBEH have provided underwriting commitments according to which they commit, subject to certain conditions, to underwrite the Rights Issue up to an aggregate amount of EUR 42.6 million and EUR 27.1 million, respectively (less the subscription amount for any new shares potentially subscribed for in the secondary subscription). The underwriting by CPPIBEH will only apply to new shares to be issued in the Rights Issue that may remain unsubscribed for after the underwriting commitment provided by Gazit has been used in full. With the above subscription and underwriting commitments, the Rights Issue is fully underwritten.


 The obligations of CPPIBEH under the Agreement are subject to certain conditions, including no material adverse change related to Citycon and the validity of certain representations and warranties relating, among other things, to disclosure and the financial condition of Citycon. In relation to the Directed Share Issue, the Agreement includes certain indemnification undertakings in the event of a qualified breach of Citycon’s representations and warranties, in which case Citycon would have an obligation to indemnify, to the extent and in an amount lawful under the Finnish Companies Act, CPPIBEH against damages (as defined in the Finnish Securities Markets Act) resulting from such breach in certain situations, however, always up to a maximum amount corresponding to CPPIBEH’s total investment in the Directed Share Issue.


 As part of the overall Transaction, CPPIBEH and Gazit have on 12 May 2014 also entered into an agreement documenting the parties’ objectives in certain governance matters relating to the Company. Under the agreement, two new Board members shall be nominated by CPPIBEH to the Board of Directors of Citycon to replace two existing members conditional upon the completion of the Directed Share Issue. One of such Board members will be independent of both CPPIBEH and Citycon. The main contents of the agreement will be published through a separate stock exchange release today.


 The Company would use the proceeds of the Directed Share Issue and Rights Issue to make an approximately EUR 300 million debt repayment thereby further deleveraging the Company’s balance sheet and giving it the freedom to recycle capital accretively by pursuing select acquisitions and (re)development projects of supermarket-anchored shopping centres in dense urban locations in the Nordic and Baltic regions as well as proactive asset management and other value-added activities. The Directed Share Issue would enable the Company to raise large amount of equity capital within a short timeframe and on terms deemed more favourable than those which might have been achieved through a standard equity issue. The Company believes that the addition of a globally recognised real estate investor as one of its strategic shareholders will also increase Citycon’s profile as a shopping centre industry leader, which should enhance the Company’s attractiveness to investors. In addition, the agreement between CPPIBEH and Gazit should further enhance the Company’s corporate governance structure to reflect the highest international market standards. There are, therefore, weighty financial reasons from the Company’s perspective for deviating from the pre-emptive subscription rights of the shareholders in the Directed Share Issue. In addition, the Company’s shareholders are offered the possibility to invest in the Company at the same subscription price through the subsequent Rights Issue.


 The Board of Directors will separately convene an EGM to be held early June 2014 to decide on the necessary authorisations and appointment of Board members. The Board will decide on the detailed terms and conditions of the Directed Share Issue and the Rights Issue pursuant to the Agreement provided that the EGM will grant the necessary authorisations. The Directed Share Issue is expected to be executed soon after the EGM and the subscription period of the Rights Issue is expected to begin in mid-June 2014.  


 Goldman Sachs International is acting as the Company’s financial advisor in connection with the strategic investment by CPPIBEH and Roschier, Attorneys Ltd. as its legal advisor in connection with the Transaction. Pohjola Bank plc has committed to act as the Lead Manager of the proposed Rights Issue. J.P. Morgan is acting as CPPIBEH’s financial advisor and Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd as its legal advisor in connection with the Transaction.


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