Citycon will publish its Interim Report for 1 January – 30 June 2015 on Wednesday, 15 July approximately at 9 am Helsinki time (Helsinki time is EET, which is CET +1). The report will be available on Citycon’s website immediately after publication.


 Citycon's investor, analyst and press conference call and live audiocasting will begin one hour later at 10 am Helsinki time. The audiocasting can be participated by calling in and followed live on the following website: Ctrl+Seuraa linkkiä napsauttamalla tai napauttamalla">


 Conference call numbers are:

 Participants from Europe +44 203 194 0552

 Participants from the US +1 855 716 1597


 The audiocasting will be recorded and it will be available afterwards on Citycon’s website.



 Helsinki, 9 July 2015





 For further information, please contact:

 Henrica Ginström

 Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications

 Tel. +358 50 554 4296

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