Citycon Sold Shares Not Transferred into the Book-entry Securities System

Citycon Oyj's Annual General Meeting of 5 April 2005 decided to sell the
company's shares, held on the joint book-entry account and not transferred into
the book-entry securities system, for the benefit of their holders. The number of
the shares not transferred into the book-entry securities system by the end of a
one-year-term that expired on 29 April 2006 totalled 6,250, accounting for around
0.004 per cent of all company shares. These shares were sold in public trading on
the Helsinki Stock Exchange on 28 August 2006 and the resulting income, less
expenses related to notifications and sales, was lodged with the State Provincial
Office of Southern Finland on 1 September 2006.

A holder of the shares held in the joint account or another assignee is entitled
to a share of this income in proportion to his/her shareholding. This amount is
EUR 3.52 per share.

Entitlement to this amount will expire in ten years as of the date of lodging the
income with the State Provincial Office. In order to receive his/her share of
this income, the shareholder or another assignee must present a claim for it and
hand over his/her share certificates and any other proof of title to a Nordea
Bank Finland Plc branch no later than 31 August 2016. This amount will be paid
using the income lodged with the State Provincial Office of Southern Finland
against the above-mentioned documents.

Helsinki, 1 September 2006

Petri Olkinuora

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