Five Citycon shopping centres have been given their own blogger friends. The blogger friends are Pupulandia (Galleria Esplanad), No Fashion Victims (Iso Omena), Cava (Myyrmanni), Annika O (Trio) and Nelliinan vaatehuone (Koskikeskus).


 “The concept of blogging emerged as a response to the question why bloggers and the shopping centre’s fan community could not be in touch with each other. Last year the number of people liking the Facebook pages of our shopping centres grew from 20,000 to 160,000, and it is now natural for us to continue our social media actions via the bloggers,” Communications Manager at Citycon, Sanna Kostiainen explains.


 “What makes the cooperation particularly interesting for readers is the fact that the excerpts describing the shopping centres were selected by the bloggers themselves. In their blog updates, they are free to talk about any products, issues or emotions that they want to. We will also run competitions and cooperate on contents,” Kostiainen adds.


 Galleria Esplanad in Helsinki, Iso Omena in Espoo, Myyrmanni in Vantaa, Koskikeskus in Tampere and Trio in Lahti will also all get a mobile app, which will offer customers real-time information on the shopping centre.


 Citycon was among the first in Finland to launch a mobile app for the Myyrmanni shopping centre in October 2012. The next mobile app will be completed for the Trio shopping centre (26.2), the Koskikeskus shopping centre in Tampere (27.2.), and the Iso Omena shopping centre (28.2). The Galleria Esplanad mobile app will be launched in March. The mobile apps are available from Google Play and App Store.


 From the middle of March, also the news of each blogger can be read on the mobile app.


 “With a mobile app, customers can find the information they need on their own mobile phones, instead of browsing for it on the shopping centre’s information touchscreen. We also hope to encourage people to spend more time at the shopping centre and to become regular customers,” Business Analyst at Citycon, Eetu Ristaniemi explains.

 For further information: Communications Manager Sanna Kostiainen, puh. +358 400 712 072