The extension and redevelopment project plans for IsoKristiina Shopping Centre continues to move ahead.


 Citycon Finland and Finnkino have signed a lease agreement on a cinema complex to be located in IsoKristiina Shopping Centre.

 The modern multiplex cinema will comprise four top-of-the-range cinema screens, equipped with the latest image and sound systems and a viewing environment that meets Finnkino's exacting standards. Plans are for this fully digital multiplex to accommodate, for example, new high-frame-rate content. 


 Citycon plans to expand and completely renovate IsoKristiina Shopping Centre, which has a convenient location in the centre of Lappeenranta. The expansion will also house the new premises for Lappeenranta City Theatre.


 ‘IsoKristiina will increase its presence in the city centre of Lappeenranta. The centre will combine leisure, culture, and retail services. Finnkino's multiplex cinema fits this concept perfectly,’ said Citycon's Project Development Manager Heikki Alén.


 Finnkino's managing director, Liisi Jauho, stated: ‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer the people of Lappeenranta captivating films and cultural experiences in a modern and technically advanced setting. A strong and lively university town, Lappeenranta is a natural addition to Finnkino's cinema network. For cinema-goers, our location in the city centre as part of IsoKristiina Shopping Centre couldn't be more convenient.’


 Illustarions on the extension plans of IsoKristiina are available by signing in at Citycon´s image bank  at shopping centres / IsoKristiina.


 For further details, contact:


 Citycon Finland, Project Development Manager Heikki Alén: Tel. +358 40 567 6619, e-mail


 Finnkino, Chain Director Ismo Määttä: Tel. +358 400 427 936, e-mail


 Finnkino, Development Manager Janne Uusi-Kölli: Tel. +358 40 5450 850, e-mail janne.uusi