The roof-top extension project of Iso Omena is now completed. In this one year project the former roof-top parking area of the shopping centre Iso Omena has been converted into retail space by the shopping centre owner Citycon. The project resulted in 2,400 square metres of new leasable area. The fashion chain H&M’s expansion has taken over part of the new retail area and the rest is divided by Intersport and Partioaitta, both new-comers in Iso Omena. Intersport and Partioaitta have opened their stores today, 25 October.   

 - The new stores complement the offering of Iso Omena very well. The customers have requested for a more versatile offering especially in sports and leisure products. Intersport and Partioaitta together meet this wish outstandingly, says Sanna Yliniemi, the Shopping Centre Manager of Iso Omena.  

 The extension now under way is part of the long-term development plan of Iso Omena, which aims at a refreshed and more varied offering on the second floor of the shopping centre.

 - This is the first step towards a larger expansion, which will include the development of the future Matinkylä Metro center and the plans to expand Iso Omena by half, says Risto Seppo, Director of Development in Citycon Finland.

 Citycon has invested a total of MEUR 7.6 in the new retail premises. 

 For further details, please contact:

 Citycon Finland Oy, Risto Seppo, Property Development Director, tel. +358 45 657 8990

 Citycon Finland Oy, Shopping Centre Manager Sanna Yliniemi, tel. +358 41 456 3421

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