The Iso Omena shopping centre will provide two new charging points for electric vehicles, utilising the latest three-phase charging technology.

 The new charging points will be in the P1 parking hall of the shopping centre, adjacent to the southern entrance, and they are to be separated from the rest of the parking hall with green high-visibility paint. Use of the electric-vehicle charging points, is easy and free for customers of the shopping centre.

 ‘We aim to support the customers of Iso Omena in day-to-day choices that reduce our ecological footprint. Providing facilities for recharging electric vehicles is one indication of that.  In addition, Iso Omena has, for example, extensive recycling facilities,’ Shopping Centre Manager Sanna Yliniemi explains.

 The charging points for electric vehicles are one part of the sustainability programme of Citycon, which owns the Iso Omena shopping centre.

 ­‘We want to support individual people’s choices to start using environment-friendly vehicles, and the law also steers us in this direction. We want to be involved in contributing to the trend,’ says Kirsi Borg, Vice President for Sustainability at Citycon.

 Shopping Centre Manager Sanna Yliniemi, +358 41 456 3421