A modern K-Market grocery store is to be opened in the Forum shopping centre located in central Jyväskylä during the spring of 2014. The store will serve its clients with long opening hours.


 “K-Market will be an excellent addition to Forum's service offering. I believe that the store will strengthen the entire shopping centre's competitive position in Jyväskylä,” says Aki Tuikka, Shopping Centre Manager at the Forum shopping centre, which is owned by Citycon. 


 The premises of the new K-Market will measure a total of 680 square metres, nearly 400 sq.m. of which will be sales space. A new set of stairs will be built in the shopping centre, leading from the pedestrian street to the second floor and K-Market. K-Market will also have a corridor admitting clients to the store even when other parts of the shopping centre are closed.


 “We are extremely happy to have K-Market serving grocery store clients in Forum again. When the corridors have been refurbished, the store will be more visible and accessible,” adds an enthusiastic Jari Kuosmanen, Kesko's Regional Manager for the Finnish Lake District. 


 “Versatile grocery retailing is an important component of the total offering of Citycon's shopping centres. It generates an important portion of the daily footfall and positively contributes to the overall number of visitors and success,” says Mari Laaksonen, Commercial Director at Citycon. 

 For further information, please contact:


 Citycon, Shopping Centre Manager Aki Tuikka, tel. Tel. +358 40 078 3811


 Kesko, Regional Manager for the Finnish Lake District Jari Kuosmanen, tel. +358 50 368 7980