A new play area for children was opened in the shopping centre Columbus at the beginning of January. The cosy play area is meant for small children that are not yet at school. There is a selection of toys and games, for example a touch screen game, available for visitors. Children play at the area under supervision of their parents.

 In addition, the child care area has been renewed. There are a microwave oven, diaper chancing and washing facilities available for the customers in the cosy child care area. 

 Citycon has renewed the shopping centre Columbus significantly during the year 2012. The aim has been to enhance the atmosphere and diversify the offering of the shopping centre. The commercial outlook of the street level: the lightning, shopfronts, entrances and benches have been renewed. Several stores were refurbished and new tenants were also introduced during last year.

 The continuous developing of Columbus goes on during year 2013. For example, the plan is to renew the parking hall entrances.

 For further information, please contact:

 Shopping Centre Manager, Kirsi Kemppainen, tel. +358 50 386 1554