The share subscription period with Citycon's 1999 A/B/C option rights
expires on 30 September 2007 in accordance with the terms and
conditions of the option scheme. Since the shares are payable upon
subscription, the subscription period actually ends on 28 September
2007, because the two last days of September are not banking days.
Trading of the 1999 A/B/C option rights on the Helsinki Stock
Exchange ends even earlier, on 24 September 2007, as stipulated in
the Rules of the Stock Exchange. The unexercised stock options under
the 1999 stock-option scheme entitle their holders to subscribe for
further 613,077 new shares. Such 1999 A/B/C option rights that have
not been exercised for share subscription before the end of September
2007 become worthless and shall be declared null and void.

Citycon's Board of Directors will approve share subscriptions made by
exercising the 1999, as well as the 2004 option rights in accordance
with the following schedule:

- subscriptions made by 3 September 2007 on 13 September 2007
- subscriptions made by 30 September 2007 on 18 October 2007.

Instructions including the registration application with payment
details for stock option holders wishing to exercise their share
subscription rights are available on the company's website under Investors/Shares/Stock option rights. Subscribed
shares shall be registered with the Finnish Trade Register and will
be subject to public trading on the Helsinki Stock Exchange within a
week following the approval of the subscriptions by the Board.

Helsinki, 27 August 2007

Petri Olkinuora

For further information, please contact:
Petri Olkinuora, CEO, tel. +358 9 6803 6738 or
mobile +358 400 333 256

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