A total of 21,854 new Citycon shares at a per-share subscription
price of EUR 1.35 were subscribed in May 2007, based on stock options
under the 1999 stock-option scheme. The new shares were registered in
the Trade Register today and will be traded on the Helsinki Stock
Exchange together with the other Citycon shares as of 15 June 2007.

Each subscribed share entitles their holder to one vote and to a
dividend for the financial year 2007. Other shareholder entitlements
became effective today. As a result of the increase, the number of
Citycon shares totals 192,502,747. The share subscription price has
been recognised under the invested unrestricted equity fund, so there
is no change in the company's registered share capital, which amounts
to EUR 259,570,510.20.

The unexercised stock options under the 1999 stock-option scheme
entitle their holders to subscribe for further 916,145 new shares.
The share subscription period will expire on 30 September 2007.

Helsinki, 14 June 2007


Petri Olkinuora

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