A new child care and play area has been opened on the second floor of the shopping centre Myyrmanni.


 The cosy child care area contains a dining area for children with high chairs and a microwave oven. In addition, there are diaper chancing and washing facilities. A set of toys is available for children at the play area.


 –We aim to keep the children´s area as clean and safe as possible. For that reason, the facilities are only accessible by key card. The parents can reclaim the keys at the children’s clothes shop Jesper Junior or at the health center Pikkujätti, says Elena Stenholm, the Shopping Centre Manager of Myyrmanni.


 Myyrmanni also offers temporary child care services on three Saturdays, prior to Christmas. There is a free one hour child care for children between ages 3–7 on December 8, 15 and 22, between 11 AM and 4 PM. 


 –This Christmas time test will show us how much demand there is for temporary child care at Myyrmanni. This isalso a way to create a good holiday spirit and to ease the stress around Christmas shopping for families, continues Elena Stenholm. 


 The restrooms of Myyrmanni were also refurbished and expanded during the renovation. The urinals save some 400,000 litres of water during one year and the electronic high power dryers save energy. The odour removing ozonizers were installed both at the restrooms and at the play area.


 Further information please contact, The Shopping Centre Manager Elena Stenholm, tel.  +358 40 834 2012