Opened in 2017, Strædet is located in the city centre of Køge in the greater Copenhagen area. Strædet is a modern, high quality shopping street with a comprehensive range of stores, cafés and restaurants for everyday life.

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Rådhusstrædet 8G
4600 Køge

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Opening hours
  • Mon-Fri
  • Sat-Sun
Rental income by category
Rental income by category
Fashion and Accessories, 38 %
Leisure, 17 %
Cafes and Restaurants, 12 %
Groceries, 11 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 7 %
Services and Offices, 6 %
Wellness, 6 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 2 %
Specialty Stores, 1 %

Examples of premises at Shopping Area Strædet

Retail 174,0 m² ground floor
Retail 194,0 m² ground floor
Retail 236,0 m² ground floor

As part of a defined high street loop with pedestrian streets, Strædet offers a comprehensive range of stores, cafés and restaurants for everyday life. Strædet is integrated with the station bridge, the station square, the refurbished town hall and other municipal services.

Strædet is adjacent to Køge’s transportation hub with the commuter train station and bus terminal, connecting the area to central Copenhagen, approximately 30 minutes from the Copenhagen CBD.

Køge has strong demographics with a disposable household income higher than the average for the Copenhagen municipality. The city’s old town and harbour are popular destinations for tourists.

Centre management
Jacob Bannor
Jacob Bannor
Commercial Manager, Denmark
+45 31 43 33 25

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