Trekanten is a popular meeting place in central Asker. The array of shops and health care services are impressive, and the centre has 800 parking spaces.

Anchor tenants

Trekanten Senter

Knud Asker vei 26
1383 Oslo

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Opening hours
  • Mon-Fri
  • Sat
Rental income by category
Rental income by category
Fashion and Accessories, 26 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 25 %
Services and offices, 24 %
Groceries, 11 %
Cafés and restaurants, 5 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 5 %
Specialty stores, 2 %
Wellness, 2 %

Examples of premises at Shopping Centre Trekanten Senter

retail premise 0,0 m² 2nd floor
retail premise 15,0 m² 3rd floor
retail premise 104,0 m² 2nd floor

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Trekanten is in effect a natural extension of the pedestrian street and downtown shopping in Asker, and is located right next to a cultural centre and cinema. The area is known for its harmony and good atmosphere, not least thanks to the pleasant square and outdoor food and beverage service in the summer.

Asker is one of the country's largest public transport hubs that makes Trekanten a natural place for shopping and socializing for many people. Trekanten is easily accessible and has two hours of free parking.

Christian Kiilerich-hansen Citycon
Christian Kiilerich-Hansen
Specialty Leasing Manager
+47 988 54 431
Stine Isaksen
Stine Isaksen
Senior Leasing Manager
+47 900 71 325
Centre management
Kristine Eknes Blom
Centre Manager
+47 936 57 245

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