Code of Conduct

10 Basic rules

1.Openness and transparency in all operations.
2. Adhering to legal requirements.
3. No corruption and bribery.
4. Promoting operations that support sustainable development.
5. Operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
6. Offering a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
7.Respecting human rights.
8. Recognising the right to assembly and the right to collectivebargaining.
9. Banning the use of child and forced labour.
10. Removing discrimination from workplace and professional life.


Citycon's Code of Conduct lays down the ethical principles and business standards the company adheres to in its operations. The Code of Conduct provides a basis for the way we do business and deal with environmental and human rights issues in relation to our employees and other stakeholders. The Code of Conduct guides management and personnel towards ethical business practices and compliance with the laws and regulations. Citycon assumes responsibility for integrity and ethics issues it has the authority to control within the scope of its operations.

Citycon's Code of Conduct is applied in all our operating countries. Internal communication and training is provided to promote the Code of Conduct.

View our Code of Conduct:

 Citycon Code of Conduct


Within our sphere of influence, we aim to ensure that also our business partners adhere to Citycon’s ethical principles. To tell our stakeholders about our explicit expectations, for them to adhere to similar high ethical principles as we do, we have taken the various measures in implementing the Code of Conduct for different stakeholder groups:

Tenants – Code of Conduct -clause has been included in our lease agreement -templates.

JV partners and Co-investors – Code of Conduct-related questionnaire is applied in all material investment processes.

Suppliers and Service providers – We require all of our material business partners to fully embrace Citycon’s Code of Conduct or similar high ethical principles and act accordingly as per our Business Code of Conduct.

View Citycon's Business Code of Conduct in different language versions

Business Code of Conduct (FIN)

Business Code of Conduct (ENG)

Business Code of Conduct (SWE)

Business Code of Conduct (EST)

Business Code of Conduct (DEN)


Reporting on violation

It is the responsibility of Citycon's personnel to report any violation or suspected violation concerning Citycon’s directors and employees breaching the Citycon's Code of Conduct. Citycon’s business partners can also report on such violations. The guidelines for reporting and the regulations regarding investigations of the reports are included in the Citycon's Whistleblowing Procedure.  

You can report on a violation by filling out the reporting form found from here

The data obtained through filling out a report will be processed on confidential basis and in accordance with the applicable data protectionand other regulations.

Register description of the Whistleblowing procedure