Type: Office, service and residential development

Creating a multifunctional urban area

Our plan is to develop the area around the Kristiine shopping centre by building new apartments, office premises and more services – all closely related to the infrastructure of the shopping centre and forming a unified community.

The Kristiine centre is located in the “main traffic artery” of Tallinn which means excellent access by all modes of transport – train, bus, trolley and car. We aim to further develop the near surroundings of the centre as a multifunctional urban area and connect it even better with public transport hubs. Development plans include mixed-use possibilities to be developed on the present outside car parking area. Densification possibilities and final land use will be determined in the new city plan.

The development will make the area even more attractive for residents, workers and service providers. This will help to reduce the car use in Tallinn, by bringing together workplaces, housing, trade, leisure opportunities and high-quality public transport which decreases the load on traffic.

Gross building area: ~ 45,000