A success in utilising AI to optimise building automation 

Sustainability -
At Citycon we are constantly striving for excellence and looking for novel solutions to improve our sustainability work. As part of our approach, we have piloted an AI based service that aims for an optimal building automation both in terms of energy efficiency and indoor climate.

As part of our larger goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 we are improving our energy efficiency significantly. We aim to reduce our energy consumption by 10% per square metre by the end of 2027 when compared to 2022.

In addition to more traditional means, we are continuously looking for new opportunities and solutions to advance our energy efficiency even further. In 2022 and 2023, we piloted an AI based service to optimise the building automation in two of our centres.

The AI service aims to save both energy and costs

The piloted AI service monitors the building’s energy consumption in comparison to its utilisation degree, its indoor climate conditions, and the overall energy prices. It then automatically adjusts the buildings HVAC technology (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to work optimally without compromising the indoor climate.

Using the service requires no manual work from Citycon personnel. It performs the tasks in the background and only the end results are visible to both the centre’s personnel and the tenants.

Introducing the AI to several of our centres in 2024

During the pilot the AI service reduced a centre’s energy use by approximately 20%. It is typical that the most significant energy savings are achieved during the first couple of years of using the service. After that the AI has optimised the building automation and its task is to ensure that the achieved level of energy efficiency and the stable indoor climate conditions are maintained.

From Citycon’s point of view the pilot was a success. Also, our tenants were satisfied with the service as it lowered their energy consumption and costs while offering them optimal indoor climate.

Due to our positive experiences, in 2024 we will introduce the AI service in several of our centres. Using AI in building automation is a potential asset for further energy efficiency. It will support our sustainability work and benefit our tenants.