As one of the most successful grocery stores in the greater Stockholm area, ICA Kvantum in Liljeholmstorget Galleria has the highest turnover per square meter. With its convenient location, great ambitions and an expertise that goes beyond the ordinary, this grocer is positioned to meet the expectations of a well-situated catchment area.

It is Friday, and the whole shopping centre is preparing for the jubilee celebrations as the shopping centre is turning 10 years. Around 50 employees are busy in the 3,887 square meter large store unpacking goods and filling the shelves with all kinds of groceries. And the range is impressive: how about several specialty departments such as comprehensive deli and an award-winning meat and charcutier department. Everywhere you’ll find high-quality produce, fresh store-prepared foods, unique and often healthy products. The offering includes a great number or brands and the opening hours are extensive. A wine bar adds a cool vibe to the place.

– This wine bar is known to be one of Stockholm’s finest and a local meeting place. It is empty in the morning, but at 3.30, it will be filled with foodies from the neighborhood, says Tobias Nilsson Managing Director at ICA Kvantum in Liljeholmstorget Galleria. Then you’d think that you are at a busy market place in continental Europe, not in Scandinavia.

A variety of services builds loyalty

The store also offers a variety of services including e-commerce with home delivery, in-store pickup and automatic subscription of a weekly menu.

– We believe in combining e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar. Our store has an excellent reputation and customers have great confidence in us. By offering online shopping, we build loyalty even more. The online sales are increasing but it is still a minor share of our total sales, only 2,5%. Nevertheless, it is a fact that online is here to stay and we need to adapt accordingly.

Online is here to stay and we need to adapt accordingly.

ICA Kvantum in Liljeholmen has identified what customers are buying online: colonial produce where the price matters most. The brick-and-mortar store has another competitive advantage which is inspiration and experiences to time-crunched consumers.

A meeting place for people who love food

– This is a meeting place for people who love food. Here they can seek advice from our knowledgeable staff and find store-prepared meals of high quality. Take for instance Franck who is working here, he knows everything about oysters and even gets called to the royal castle from time to time.

Liljeholmen is only seven minutes by metro to Stockholm and is growing fast with young, well-educated people who cares about their health and the environment.

– Our consumers have s strong preference for local and organic choice and the vegan offering is exploding. Next year, we will reorganize the store to make more room for vegan food, vegetables and fruits. We are also investing in a cooling system that is much more environmentally friendly.

The store works actively to reduce food waste utilizing left over food in the store’s kitchen and in the juice bar.

– Today, we see a different acceptance for waste reducing and our customers are pleased to know that we are acting with responsibility.

Responsible consumption is a burning topic

Throughout the year, ICA Kvantum has participated in a pilot project to reduce food waste, in a collaboration with the startup Karma and Electrolux who introduced a smart refrigerator for grocery stores. The refrigerator is integrated with Karma’s app and served to reduce food waste by making it easier for supermarkets to sell food not bought before the end of the working day to consumers.

– Our consumers are concerned about climate change and want to contribute to a more responsible consumption. As a grocer, we need to seek new, innovative responses and solutions that promote more sustainable way of living and consuming food. It is a burning topic and a top priority for us.