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    Gift cards

    Citycon gift card

    Citycon's shopping centre Gift Card makes all your family members happy by providing shopping in several shopping centres in Sweden, Norway and Estonia*. You can pay several purchases in several shops with the card. Buy your own Gift Card from the Gift Card kiosk at your shopping centre.

    Gift card shopping centres and sales points


    Jakobsberg Centrum, Järfalla
    Kista Galleria, Stockholm
    Liljeholmstorget, Stockholm
    Mölndal Galleria, Mölndal
    Stenungstorg, Stenungsund
    Tumba Centrum, Stockholm
    Åkersberga Centrum, Stockholm


    Please see the full list here.


    Kristiine, Tallinn
    Rocca al Mare, Tallinn

    To check the saldo, please go to the country link above. On the country page, you will also find information on how to buy gift cards. 


    *Gift card is only valid in the country in which it has been purchased.